BTM Advisors, llc

Investment Banking Services for the Energy Industry

Capital Raising , Transaction Management, Advisory Services


We often start working with clients by sitting down with management to discuss near-term objectives and ultimate goals for their company as well as challenges it faces. We learn about the client company in detail, including its unique structural and operating characteristics. We then work with management to devise a strategic plan based upon consideration of all relevant alternatives and develop a specific course of action. We can implement the plan on behalf of the company in a timely manner and, if appropriate, work in  conjunction with other qualified firms.  

Strategic Advisory

We help clients find companies to merge with or assets to acquire. We also help companies divest assets or operations that are no longer core to their operations. While many companies have these capabilities internally, rarely do they have adequate resources to fully canvass the market and attend to normal business demands. We can augment a company’s capability and capacity to find and complete transactions. 

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

We help companies through the process of raising funds through public offerings of registered securities or private placement of debt and equity securities. Creating a competitive atmosphere is critical to obtaining the best terms as these placements are often highly negotiated. The cost of not utilizing an intermediary to approach multiple financing sources can be high. Securities may be placed with private energy funds, mutual funds, the financial arms of large industrials or other institutions.

Capital Raising

We perform valuations and issue fairness opinions relating to transactions a company is considering or in the process of completing. We provide management with estimates of their company’s intrinsic value and fair market value in context of the  private acquisition market and public equity market or relative to another company. This gauges a company’s economic value,  potential acquisition and publicly traded values or relative value in the case of a merger. The result is a framework for evaluating options that build shareholder value.

Valuations, Fairness Opinions